Here at Fixture Finders we only work with brands we know to be reliable, durable, and trustworthy. Lozier and Madix shelving are the highest quality shelving brands available today. They are extremely durable and we have seen them last for over 30 years! That being said you may already have an idea of why buying used would be a good investment. Currently the prices of new gondola shelving are over priced due to the rising cost of steel. New clients call every day looking for ways to reduce costs when opening a business and buying used is the answer.

Buy used & save.

We take our shelving very seriously and we provide our customers the highest quality used gondola shelving products. The shelving we sell has been used and you can assume normal wear and tear, but one thing that you will never see from our products is bent, mangled or rusted out units! We maintain strict standards for our shelving and you can be assured that you will be getting the best units available. All of our Gondola shelving and pallet racking can even be purchased as a nearly new product through our repainting process! 

We have used shelving for any customers’ needs.

Check out our grading scale below for information to find the quality to match your budget.

No matter what grade of shelving you choose our experienced warehouse staff will custom pull an order for your individual needs. We know all of our customers are unique and we strive to provide you with the service, reliability and integrity you deserve. If you want to know about the brands we trust read more here.

A - Repainted shelving. We start with used gondola, clean it, then put a new coat of paint* on it. There could still be minor blemishes you will see through the new paint. However this shelving will be as close to new as you will get without the cost. Talk to one of our experienced sales team for a price quote.  

B -  These shelves will be the best you can get without repainting them. They will have some scratches and maybe some chipped paint. That however does not diminish their quality, these shelves will still maintain their long life, some of which we have seen last up to 30 or more years of use.

C - This shelving will not be perfect.  There will be minor blemishes, scratches, dings, etc….  however it will be quality usable shelving.  If you are expecting used shelving (not brand new) we are confident you will like what you get.  If you want to ensure that there are no stickers or excess dirt on this shelving talk to your sales rep about having our expert staff cleaning the shelving in house for you.

D - If you are looking to save money this is they shelving for you.  This shelving will have blemishes, dings, scratches, and possibly MINOR rust however it will be usable shelving.  If you are looking to set your store the fastest and cheapest way this is the product you are looking to buy.  Call one of our sales representatives today for a quote to see how much money you can save.

*Please note we do NOT paint parts of shelving that are not visible [back of peg board, back or bottom of decks, back of the base fronts or end trim, centers rails].